Dunellen Public Library
Vision Statement
The Dunellen Public Library strives to be a critical part of the community’s intellectual, educational, leisure, business, and cultural life.  The Library Board envisions a future in which all of the community’s interests are well represented in the Library’s collections, a future in which all Dunellen residents can make use of the Library’s resources to enrich their own lives, a future in which Dunellen residents will turn to the Dunellen Public Library when the need for information is greater than the resources immediately at hand.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Dunellen Public Library is to provide and promote open access to reading, cultural, intellectual, and informational resources that will enrich and enlighten all segments of our community.  The Library’s Board and Staff believe that:
  Reading and study are important responsibilities of citizenship, essential to individual growth and enrichment, and are among the most enjoyable forms of recreation.
Free and reliable access to information and cultural resources is a right of citizenship in a democracy and fundamental to the preservation of democracy.

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