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Splat the Cat Takes the Cake Splat the Cat Takes the Cake
by Rob Scotton
In this Splat the Cat story for beginning readers, Splat loves watching his favorite superhero, Super Cat, on the family TV, but when the set breaks, Splat has no way to watch his cherished cartoon. Splat asks himself, "What would Super Cat do?" and decides to save the day by winning a brand-new TV. The only problem is that winning the TV requires Splat to enter a cake-baking contest . . . which turns out to be a little trickier and stickier than expected. Splat's messy adventures will delight beginning readers.
Splat the Cat: Splat the Cat Sings Flat Splat the Cat Sings Flat
by Rob Scotton
When Splat's teacher announces that the whole class is going to sing for their parents on Parents' Night, Splat is worried: he's afraid to speak in public, much less sing in public!

In fact, he's so nervous he can't even manage a simple "meow." What will it take for Splat to overcome his stage fright and make his parents proud?
It's Shoe Time! (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!, #4) It's Shoe Time (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading)
by Mo Willems

Turn the closet on its heel and redefine what it means to be a pair.


Cover image for Darth Maul : Sith apprentice Darth Maul: Sith Apprentice (Star Wars)
by Jo Casey and Catherine Saunders

Describes the dark Sith apprentice Darth Maul, who, along with his master, Darth Sidious, plan to take over the galaxy and destroy the Jedi Knights.


I Can Be a Pet Vet (Barbie) (Step into Reading) I Can Be A Pet Vet (Barbie)
by Mary Man-Kong
Barbie wants to be a pet doctor! Join her as she helps a vet take care of puppies, kittens, horses, and many other lovable pets in this original Step 1 book in the Step into Reading series.
I Can Be a Teacher (Barbie) I Can Be a Teacher (Barbie)

by Mary Man-Kong

Barbie loves to teach! In this Step 2 reader based on Mattel's popular I Can Be line, Barbie spends the day in a classroom and learns how to be the best teacher she can be.
I Can Be a Ballerina (Barbie) (Step into Reading) I Can Be a Ballerina (Barbie
by Christy Webster

With lots of practice, Barbie can be a ballet star!

Image result for princess and the popstar step into reading The Princess and the Popstar (Barbie)
by Mary Man-Kong
Tori is a princess. Keira is a pop star. What happens when they trade places?
Image result for surf princess barbie Surf Princess (Barbie
by Chelsea Eberly
Merliah is a star surfer. She is also a mermaid princess! Can she save her kingdom?
Image result for sammy the seal Sammy the Seal
by Syd Hoff
What happens when Sammy, the adventurous seal, leaves the zoo for a day? He goes to the city, finds a school full of kids and new things to do-- and he even learns to read!
Image result for adventures of snail at school. The Adventures of Snail at School
by John Stadler
Snail wants to help his teacher. He really does. But something strange happens every time he tries: The water fountain turns into a tidal wave. The fire extinguisher blasts him into space. The music baton becomes a magic wand! Is Snail really helpful? Maybe. Is he good at having adventures? Yes!
Dragon Breath Eek- Stories to Make You Shriek: Dragon Breath
by Jane O'Connor
There is something strange about the town of Wyllylldrygyn - besides its name. All the boys have left town. The whole place smells like smoke. And an old guy name Owen keeps talking about a dragon.
Creep Show (Eek! Stories To Make You Shriek) Eek- Stories to Make You Shriek: Creep Show
by Jennifer Dussling
What's going on at the old Star Movie Palace? How come it's suddenly showing free movies? And why is our hero the only one in the theater? He'll find out when he winds up in the movies--with precarious and hilarious results!
The Mummy's Gold Eek- Stories to Make You Shriek: Mummy's Gold
by Kate McMullen
There is a mummy chasing me. But I am not scared. It is just my big brother tryng to scare me...Or is it?
The Wild Leaf Ride (Magic School Bus) Wild Leaf Ride (Magic School Bus)
by Joanna Cole
Ms. Frizzle and the class jump on the bus to find the leaf that is missing from their chart.
Rules of the Net Rules of the Net
by Jennifer McKerley
Carlos must choose between lying about his friend's play in practice, or being honest and costing her the starting position.
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