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Friends of The Library

The Friends of the Library meet one Monday of each month, at 6:30pm.
Q Who are the Friends of the Library?
A The Friends are a nonprofit group whose members support the Dunellen Public Library in various ways, including: Promoting public awareness and support of the library,
-Advocating for library funding and pro-library legislation,
-Donating materials and equipment,
-Contributing to Books-to-Keep, a holiday book distribution project of Middlesex County libraries,
-Providing funds for library programming, such as the summer Pony Rides and the Radio Man,
-Maintaining the library's landscaping, and
-Encouraging gifts and bequests from the community to the library.
Q How do I join the Friends?
A Membership forms are available at the library. Ask a staff member for one at the circulation desk.
Q How do the Friends raise their funds?
A The Friends raise funds through the support of annual membership dues, as well as by: Soliciting local businesses for donations,
-Holding raffles, and
-Selling merchandise such as tote bags, cookbooks, and note cards.
Q How much are the membership dues?
A The membership dues are as follows:
-Single Membership - $15
-Family Membership - $25
-Senior/Student Membership - $10
Q What if I only want to be a Friend for one year?
A Giving the appropriate dues listed above guarantees membership for one year. After that year is up, your membership with the Friends expires, and you will be able to choose whether or not to renew your membership. We encourage that you continue to be a member from year to year so that you may influence the Dunellen Public Library for the better.

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